Hall of Fame

The Rams Hall of Fame was inaugurated in 2016 when the first 5 members were added to the list of our all-time greats. You can read more about the current members below:
Member #1


Wayne Smith


"The Assassin" was a term that was used to describe one of the best linebackers to ever pull on the Rams jersey. He was one of the very first to play for the Rams and someone who lived every play, whether it was in training or in a game. Always one of the first to be selected on gamedays he brought a certain reckless abandon to the team and was always in the thick of the action. For all his intensity on the field he was a genuinely nice guy off the field, which many of his teammates can testify to. He unfortunately passed away, way too young, but he left an indelible image on everyone that met him, a gift that we all hope to have with everyone that we meet. He was the first player to be inducted into the Rams Hall of Fame, a decision that was unanimous by the selection committee, attesting to his memory of ex-teammates and members of the Rams Family.

Member #2


Mick Jones


One of the founding players of the Yorkshire Rams, Mick Jones was the quarterback in the early years of the team and continued all the way through to the late 1990’s. Within that period he set a number of passing records. Having a number of capable receivers, he was able to stretch the field with both a deep ball and also reading off to hit the tight ends, enabling the team to move the ball consistently through his career under center. He also became the first true head coach for the Rams, leading the team for over 10 years as both HC and quarterback. The number 14 jersey was retired in his honour.

Member #3


Graham Hickin

Offensive Lineman

Over a long period he was the lynchpin of the offence and one of the leaders both on and off the field. He had a long and successful career at the Rams and featured in the team’s only appearance at a final, as well as a couple of appearances for the Northern All-Star teams. At the end of his playing career he was asked by the former head coach David Pawson, who at the time ran the Rams’ junior kitted team, to get involved in coaching and was part of a successful set-up who managed to get the team to two National Finals, as well as three appearances at the Senior Britball finals to help bring the junior game to the general public. It is safe to say he was, and always will be, a part of the Rams family.

Member #4


Daz Kennett


Daz was one of the founders of the team in 1986 and an uncompromising character, both off the field and on it as a linebacker and full-back. A lynchpin of the team in the early years on both sides of the ball, he was one of the first selected for the team in the 1980s and early ‘90s until his retirement.

Member #5


Gary Bailey

Wide Receiver/Running Back

The final inductee in the Rams Hall of Fame in 2016 is Gary Bailey. He was an outstanding athlete and found most of his success at wide receiver and tailback in the team in the 1980s and ‘90s. He set the standard for all future players of those positions that would follow in his footsteps, setting many of the team records that have stood until recently. The number 82 jersey for the Rams was retired in Gary’s honour, making it a double accolade as he now enters the Hall.