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Head Coach, Jason Shaw said: “Well, what can I say? Sunday was a huge day for me and the Rams. It really feels like we passed a test against the Giants. I expected us to compete, that is a given. I always thought we “could” win, but I was never certain we “would”. It has been a very long and very strange year for the team, but what a way to finish it!"

Tyler Broad athletically catches the ball

"I have to thank the Giants for coming down, taking us seriously and stretching every one of the players and coaching staff to their limits on Sunday. They are a great organisation and a hell of a football team. The Giants HC, Toby, has been a friend and sounding board in football for me for a few years now, and I have to say it has been an absolute pleasure coaching “against” him this year. I look forward to renewing that friendly rivalry when we are playing against each other in the Premiership North in the not too distant future."

Conor Moran catches a 2PAT to take the lead

"Having 47 players on the sideline for our final game is a measure of the excellent job the committee, coaches and captains have done in recruiting and retaining players this season. We would not achieve any of this without those dedicated people behind the scenes. Pid, Cowley, (Yes) Danny, Gaze, Lewsley, Eoin, Jonesy and Sam on the committee do a great job to keep the club moving forward. We have a small coaching staff, but a group I would fight for without exception. Christian, Gaze, Ben, Robert, Eoin, Jonesy, Kyle, Max and of course, Cowley, have bought into my spreadsheets and nonsense to produce a set of football players who are prepared for just about anything. I can’t thank Dale, Frase and OD enough for all their support and Ian for his film wizardry. Most importantly, I don’t get to play out with my friends as often as I do without the support from my wife Victoria and my boy Kallum."

Luke Campbell punts the ball

"The game itself was about as close and tense as can be, really. A successful two point conversion (the second attempt after a 10 yard penalty, no less) was the difference in a back and forth game. It was all a bit of a blur to be honest, but I remember an awful lot of big plays and flags all over the place. It had the feel of a playoff game about it and both teams conducted themselves with class throughout."

"I am proud to be the head coach of the Yorkshire Academy Rams and proud of all we have achieved as a programme these last two years. I look forward to building on this, recruiting well and taking a run at getting ourselves promoted so we can lock horns with the Giants once again, in the big leagues!”

Matthew Wilkinson intercepts the ball in the endzone

MVP Awards

Solid Rams defence

All images from Alex Daniel.