The second Rob Worboys Memorial Game of the season as EKP travelled south to Leeds having won the first game 47-12 in Glasgow.

Rob Worboys number and initials on the back of a Rams helmet

The game started badly for the Rams and there was cause for concern that the game might end in a lob-sided scoreline again when the Pirates scored early with a few big runs leading to a 7-0 lead. But the home side were buoyed by a big kickoff return by Luke Campbell that was only stopped in the EKP redzone.

Chris Winrow took the ball over the goal-line and when Campbell added the 2PAT, the Rams took an early 8-7 lead which would surprise many. The score would stay the same til the end of the first quarter as both teams punted to each other for a few drives.

This was until the game unravelled a bit for the Rams, when the EKP quarterback ran the ball into the endzone and gave the visitors the lead back and when a fake punt went badly for the home team, the Pirates got the ball back in great field position because of an added 15-yard penalty. This lead to a simple passing TD and the Rams would leave the field a bit shell-shocked and trailing 21-8.

Chris Winrow passes the ball

The second half would start better for the Rams as a punt was blocked and recovered on the half-yard line and Josh Green had the simple task of sneaking it into the endzone. The PAT was good and the Rams were back to 21-15 against a strong side from Scotland.

Unfortunately, EKP had their own big kickoff return and when a facemask penalty was added to the end of it, the Pirates made it look easy as they ran the ball in to extend the lead again to 27-15.

EKP would add another touchdown in the fourth quarter and put the game out of sight for the Yorkshire side but a late touchdown and 2PAT from Winrow got the score back to 34-23 and an onside kick was almost recovered but the Pirates took over.

The Rams had one last chance with a good drive but time would expire before any scoring could take place and although taking the loss, could leave the field knowing the performance was better than the last game against the same opponents.

We travel to Newcastle to face the Northumberland Vikings in a fortnight which will be live on UKAFL's YouTube channel again.

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