The Rams came to Milnthorpe Green with high hopes of a win in the Quarter final play-offs against the Ipswich Cardinals, but had to forfeit the game through a series of unfortunate events.

Having had to put back the kick off time to 3pm because of an event at the ground, the health cover (ambulance) had not arrived for the amended start of the game. After numerous phone calls to the company and all attempts by the Rams’ backroon staff trying to chase up ambulance cover,the Cardinals finally decided to claim the game, and the play-off win, at 4:10pm. Initial health coverage, eg. trained personnel, stretcher, etc. was asked for by a league official until the ambulance arrived but was found too late to save the game…the ambulance arrived just as the league office awarded the game to the visitors.

Obviously the Rams’ apologise to their fans and spectators over this issue and be assured that it will be looked into. This, unfortunately, will not have any bearing on the decision to allow the Cardinals to move unchallenged into the semis.

Sadly, this game was the last one for a few of the Rams’ players and was an unfair way to end their footballing careers.

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Let the Black Tide roll into 2007!